Becoming Something   Becoming Something: The Story of Canada Lee
by Mona Z. Smith
(Faber and Faber; ISBN: 0571211429)

The untold story of the gifted black actor, activist, athlete - and tragic victim of the blacklist

Imagine an actor as familiar to audiences as Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman are today - who is then virtually deleted from public memory. Such is the story of Canada Lee. More info

"Smith wondrously brings to life a man whose impact on American theater and culture was far too great to be allowed to lapse into obscurity." - Carol Haggas, Booklist

"Restore[s] a heroic figure to his rightful place in American cultural and political history." - Kirkus

"...Smith's well-crafted biography does due honor to Canada Lee, a man who deserves recognition not only as a pioneering activist, but also as a superb actor." - Reuters/Hollywood Reporter  Read what reviewers are saying

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